Sunday, April 1, 2012

takcy sweaters, pj's, & ugly sweaters

A party is always more fun when there is a theme. I was excited to have 3 themed Christmas parties!

Party # 1: We had a work Christmas potluck.  Not everyone knew it was supposed to be a tacky sweater party. The girls I work closely with decided to surprise everyone and wear our best sweaters! My poor aunt hated that I called her to borrow hers....ha! I said "at least you don't wear them anymore!"

Jennifer, Cassie, and me.

the Team 2 ladies
back-Haley, Jen, me, Cassie
front-Julie, Kajuanda, Jennifer, Wanda
We were a hit!

Party 2: My friend Cindy and her neighbors throw a wonderful party each Christmas and this time she out did herself.

She had a tent out in the backyard. It was beautiful.

It was a pot luck dinner and the theme was comfort food.

The wardrobe theme was pajamas! Kyle and Betsy were all comfy for the comfort food!

Cindy C! The hostess!

Ray and Kyle being manly.

Keith (host), Cindy B, Steph, me, and John (other host). We were the original people to attend the party when it started about 6 years ago. We sat in Cindy C's living room floor with her closet door as a table. Fun times!

Party 3: I will call this party the ugly sweater party since I already used the term tacky. So, Emily from bible study wanted to have us all over before we split for the holidays.

Cindy wrote a newsletter about what has been going in her life the past year. It was HILARIOUS! I think pharmacy school finals got to her and she went crazy!

We all brought appetizers. Somehow Besty fed Ray. At this point, we were all ready for a break.

Then someone decided it would be funny to take some awkward family photos.

The McCoys...awkward.

Ray and the sister wives...awkward.

the Brasher sisters...awkward (well Cindy).

The Betts....awkward that a 6"4 husband is sitting on his 4"11 wife!

The Perrys...awkward! Jen is snarling at Leon! HA!

I thought we had reached our max of silliness. It all started while Kyle and I were getting ready. He wanted to wear his sweater vest without a shirt under it. He said "now that would be ugly!" I vetoed that one. So he said to everyone "I told Angie I wanted to wear just the sweater vest and Angie said no."

So the boys changed to sweater vests. I.could.not.stop.laughing! AWKWARD family photo!!!

I promised I would not post the above picture...and well, I lied!
One would think that the boys lost a bet or where under the influence of something. That was not the case. They are just fun people. But I really can't believe they let us do this. But then again, they were under the impression it would not go viral! oops! Maybe awkward family photos will post this!

Group shot!

All the teachers brought candy and goodies from their kids at school. The teachers also made some desserts. Shelly and Jen were the taste testers.

They laughed so hard they were pooped! What a fun night!

Emily is a dentist and in true dentist fashion, she gave us floss as a parting gift!

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