Saturday, February 23, 2013

4 months

On February 1, Jonah turned 4 months old!  Here are the highlights of what he did last month.
Jonah has become a pro at tracking objects. He has loves his hands and has full head control. He rolled from his belly to back right after he turned 3 months old! He loves to grasp his toys and loves his teethers. He has also started sleeping through the night about 4 to 5 days a week. He loves to carry on conversations.

Sweet Jonah before his shots. They put EMLA (numbing cream) on his legs. I honestly think it doesn't work but it makes me feel better inside. Personally, I think the medicine going in the muscle hurts much worse than the needle. There is no cream that can make that pain go away.
He did great with his shots. Again they let me nurse him while he got them. This time he had knots and red marks on his legs but no fever. Such a trooper!

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