Sunday, February 17, 2013

food for finance: post-jonah weight loss

I've never had a hard time with my weight. In college I did gain the freshman 10 but lost it the next year. During my pregnancy, I gained a total of 47 pounds. I ate pretty healthy starting at 17 weeks (I had to eat carbs to function) and I exercised throughout my pregnancy. My doctor was not concerned at all about my weight gain. I thought I'd be that cute pregnant girl who'd only gain 25 pounds. WRONG! I had kankles and my wedding ring didn't fit my finger starting around 22 weeks.

3.5 weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers to get the last 20 pounds off of me since I am still wearing maternity jeans. Let me go ahead and say that ALL jeans need to be maternity jeans. They are so comfy!

My job will pay for WW if I lose 12 pounds in 12 weeks. My results thus far:

My starting weight with my clothes, shoes, badge, and keys on me was 152.

Me weighing 152.

At my 3 week weigh in I weighed 147. Total loss is 5 pounds.

I normally would weigh anywhere between 124 and 129 pounds. When I weighed in at the doctor at my 5 week pregnancy (back in Jan of 2012) appointment I weighed 131. I want to get back to 125. Whew, that is a lot of weight to shed. I want to document on here to keep my self in check. I am telling how much I weigh and everything!  So please ask me how it's going!!

Here is the best part of trying to lose weight while exclusively breast feeding....I get 14 extra points a day! Whoo hoo! I wanted to make sure breast feeding was going smoothly before I started WW. Losing weight too fast could decrease my supply. I worked way to hard for that to happen! This will be a slow process but I want to be ready for summer in my 2-piece!

I've had a little set back in the running department. I broke my pinky toe 2 weeks ago on the coffee table so I can't run for 4 more weeks. I've still been losing weight but I really miss running.

Here is the part where you tell me I can get the last 20 pounds off...

Ready, GO!

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