Tuesday, February 26, 2013

visitors & superbowl

The 1st weekend in February was full of fun for Jonah!
He got his 1st give from overseas. Lisa sent this cute onesie to us! We facetime'd her so she could see how much he has grown. He even showed her how he could roll!
Aunt Leah & Uncle Josh came to visit. They even got to stay with us this time since Jonah is mostly sleeping through the night. He had a great time watching fly fishing videos with Uncle Josh!!
Saying their good-byes.
On Super Bowl Sunday, Jonah attended his 1st Super Bowl Party.

Since it was close to Valentine's day, he wanted the ladies to know he was single. Plus he was excited to see Beyonce sing at the halftime show! ALL the SINGLE LADIES!

He was passed around like a football!
Thanks to Kristy for thinking of us and taking our picture!
Poor Jonah, all the people wore him out.
What a fun weekend!!

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