Saturday, June 29, 2013

BBQ fest, toothbrush, and zoo, oh my!

I always love the month of May because of all the fun things that go on. I think Memphis needs to take the whole month off. Sound good?
The weekend after Mother's Day is BBQ Fest. My cousin Brett is on a team so we decided to go pay him a visit so he could finally meet Jonah.
The Cutest boy EVER!
It was so very hot. Jonah's teeth just broke through and he was proudly showing them off.
On our way into the park. was super hot outside and I was/am still nursing J. I thought there would be some shade in a secluded spot. I somehow lost my mind. I am terrified of public nursing, even with a nursing cover. What a way to face my fear. It was hot and the boy needed to eat. I kindly talked to someone about going on the other side of the park and found a tree. I was off the beaten path and Kyle was my lookout. I've nursed at a park before..I think my fear is more nursing while inside a public place. Has not happened yet. Still can't do it!
Finally J got some milk and cooled down!
We had a great time catching up with my cousin. Next year, I will be attending BBQ fest at night when it is not 95 degrees. It.Was.HOT.
We came home and got ready for bed. Since J has 2 teeth, we get to brush them.
He wasn't quite sure about it. But now he loves it!

The next day we went to the zoo. My work had a family day so we went.
It ended up being the same time as the Grizz playoff game. Oh well, they lost anyways so it didn't matter. But J was supportive!

Family picture at the zoo.
I nursed J again in public...but was outside. I know people get all weird about it. I'm fine with nursing him but I know that everyone still doesn't get it. Stupid, but it's true. Bonus-it is nice not having to bring bottles!

My work friends and our babies!
It was hot again. Too hot. We had a good time minus the parking ticket I got...long story and I'm still not over it. Lets just say I don't want to go do this event again. Not very organized. But I will hit up the zoo when it's cooler.


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