Monday, April 7, 2014

mimi's 90th bday + charlie's 1st road trip

Kyle and I are brave souls. The whole family went on a 4 hour road trip so we could celebrate Mimi's 90th birthday (Kyle's grandmother) in the middle of March (Jonah 17 months, Charlie 2 1/2 weeks). The boys did great on the way down.

The birthday girl herself! 

My MIL did the best job at planning the celebration! It was at her retirement home and tons of people were there. 

Jonah wore Pops out. He was everywhere. 

Jonah loving Nana's necklace. 

Charlie slept thru the whole party. But a lot of people got to meet him. 


some of the crowd that came

Jonah is not one to sit still for a picture

Mimi meeting Charlie for the 1st time, her 3rd great-grandson!

I caught him in the fruit bowl....

The tired, brave parents. We are rocking the two under two club!

Mimi and Kyle

The wild man himself.

Mimi and her grandkids, grandkid-in-laws, and great-grandkids!

just a swinging

2nd cousins

And Mimi, the life of the party with her Cadillac (what she calls her swanky walker). 

Jonah had a busy day and needed to chillax!

It was a lot of firsts for Charlie:
His 1st time to sleep 6 hours! (but Jonah was up....teething)
Met a lot of family

His 1st time out to eat. At a country club I might add. Prince is high class.
(Look at my Jonah cheesing it up!)
I can't believe we took them both out to eat. Good thing we had our helpers!

We ended up having to board our dogs. We were going to miss pick-up so we all went to get them. 2 dogs and Kyle in the front, and me and the kids in the back. All about the memories!

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