Wednesday, May 14, 2014

iron wedding anniversary

Kyle and I had our 6th wedding anniversary in April. 6 years. wow! 

We went to eat at a place where we had our 1st smooch, Old Venice. Aunt Leah and Uncle Josh babysat for us. We like having them close! 

We do the tradition gifts and this year was iron. So, I got Kyle a gift that was really for me. Oops! But isn't it pretty? I ordered from a friend Kyle grew up with and her business is called Leeper's Metal Works. The voice in my head told me to get a MSU bulldog made for him but my post-pardum self just decided against it! He was sweet and got me earrings from Etsy. They are cute.

I think next year we just need to talk our presents out to each other. Because the gifts are wool or copper. 

The night before our anniversary, we had a date. 

Say what? 2 nights in a row? With a newborn and an 18 month old? 

Kyle had tickets thru his work to attend the Taste of DeSoto. YUM! 
This was a win/win for a breastfeeding mom! Food everywhere. Thanks to my parents for keeping the kids! 

We had a great anniversary week! I love him so! And he is so much hotter holding 2 babies! He's such a great dad and husband. 

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