Sunday, December 5, 2010

the cape

continued from the last posting...
We left Boston on Friday aboard the Peter Pan bus line heading to Cape Cod.  My friend Lindy informed me that Cape Cod is known as "The Cape." 

Kyle is finally on his vacation! 

My friend Jen recommended that we stay in Falmouth.  She has family that lives there.  I was corrected again on how to say it!  I pronounced it *FAL-MOUTH* and that is not right.  Geez, these northeners!!! For all those who might go, it is pronounced *fal-muh-th* no "mouth!"  But I'm sure glad I was told beforehand so I would fit in at "the Cape."

She also recommended a bed and breakfast, Palmer House Inn. It was the 1st time Kyle and I had been to one! I highly recommend it!  

We only had the rest of Friday and Saturday to see the Cape.  Sad we didn't have time to sit and enjoy the front porch area!

Loved our little cozy room! Just not enough time! We must come back.

I also loved all the little notes they'd leave us.  They even had our bed ready when we came in for the night.

The downtown of Falmouth was perfect.  All the quaint shops and local eateries that I love!

People would ask us "you're not from around here are you?"  I had no idea what they were talking about! =) We ate lunch at Arties Cafe. We heard about this place while on the T (subway) in Boston.  We talked to a chef that use to work there. How random?! So we took his advice and gave it a 2 thumbs up!

After lunch, we were on a hunt to find some bikes to rent. Then our innkeeper told us they had bikes we could use.  The only thing they asked of us was to not ride on the streets,only bike trails. Oops. I'll explain later.
We took the bike trail from Falmouth to Woods Hole, a 4 mile ride. We really enjoyed riding along the shore line.  Awesome view. 

Our infamous foot photo in Woods Hole.

We certainly got our exercise. 

We came back to Falmouth and went to an outdoor show to enjoy some live tunes. You can't really see the band because of the wall.

We dropped off the bikes and freshened up for dinner.  Main street is only about a 3 to 5 minute walk from our B&B. Every place was packed so we finally decided to put our names down at the Quarterdeck restaurant. We ran into an older couple that we met at our B&B waiting at the restaurant. They got a table at the bar area and invited us to eat with them so we didn't have to wait 1.5 hours ! We had a fun time learning about the Cape and Boston from our local friends!

Kyle enjoying our bedtime treats in the downstairs quarters of our B&B.

This was on our bed.  The forecast for Saturday looks promising!

We got up Saturday and had our breakfast.  I don't think I realized that they served breakfast (hence the name bed and breakfast). It was amazing! I should have taken a picture of the food.

We told the innkeepers we needed the bikes again to explore.  

Well...we kind of took the bikes on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard!!! I had been before and wanted to take Kyle because it was so nice! Then I heard that the President was vacationing there.  WHAT?! Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Mr. United States himself (don't care what *party* he's in) because he is the man that knows all the secrets of America. But don't go ruining my vacation and closing the town down just because he happens to be eating lunch were I happen to be! Did we see him???

No. But we did see the place that was selling the Obamaritas and Barack-o-guaco!

Martha's is divided into 6 little towns (click here to learn about them) so we didn't even see 1/4th of it.  Our ferry dropped us off in Oaks Bluff and we looked around at all the island shops.

We found a place on the harbor to eat. 

My chicken by the sea! 
Kyle had the swordfish sandwich which he gave rave reviews.

After lunch we found a bike route to Edgartown (about 6 miles). We stopped along the way to enjoy the beach and look for the President! 
We came across this sign.

Then we saw this! I mean, if everyone was jumping off the bridge would you? Not if the water is 66 degrees! Heck no! 

Kyle is not one for heights but he is one for 66 degree water. He is in the green shorts. I opted out. 

We biked some more and arrived in Edgartown. 

We really felt like we were in New England when we saw the lighthouse.

You can't really tell, but this lady was painting a picture of the lighthouse.

I'd love to bike this route everyday (or run).  It is much more attractive to exercise in this beautiful environment. On the way back to Oaks Bluff, we saw some pretty houses along the coast. We like to think Pres Obama was in the house we saw!

We loaded ourselves and our bikes back on the ferry to Falmouth. Time to eat our last meal on our last night in the Cape.  It was way too short! We ended up at Maguire's Pub.  
Here is the owner signing some Irish tunes. We met some girls from Dallas.  We heard the twang and were instant friends. Somehow they knew the owner.

We had a very active day!  (very active 2 days) Kyle had the lobster roll and I had shepard's pie. YUM! And the good thing was, we earned it!  No telling how many calories we burned in the last 2 days of biking.  Our bums were sore for days!

Let the dancing begin! What a great place to end a great trip!  
We had to catch the bus at 6am to get to the airport.  I was very sad to miss the B&B breakfast.  We had a great time and will have to come back when we can stay longer!

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