Saturday, March 5, 2011

breakfast bunko birthday bash

Kyle is now 29. I keep waiting for him to catch up with me! Come on Kyle! We celebrated Kyle's birthday for 2 weeks.  The weekend of this birthday, we went to Starkville so Kyle could see the opening weekend of Bulldog baseball and to a basketball game. I went with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law wedding dress shopping. Yup, Kyle's sister is engaged! Woo Hoo! Kyle's parents took us out to eat for his birthday at Restaurant Tyler. I had the Vardaman sweet potato gnocchi and OH MY GOODNESS it was good! I have no idea what the others had as I was too focused on my gnocchi.

Last weekend, we had yet another party.  Well, my friends do a pot luck dinner club once a month and play games. Kyle and Ray have the same birthday. Kristy decided she'd host the February dinner and cook all the food as well (so I guess it was not a pot luck)!

The boys wanted to do breakfast for dinner aka brenner. At our January pot luck, we talked about bunko and a lot of us had never played, including Kyle and Ray. Since they are good sports, the were all for it! Thus, breakfast bunko birthday bash was born. This might have to be a yearly theme!

from left to right: biscuits, cream cheese sausage dish, egg and sausage dish, chocolate gravy.
If you are not friends with Kristy Krotzer, then you need to be. She is an amazing cook! And she is funny too!

Monkey bread served as the birhday cake.

She went overboard!

Since we were eating brenner, we wore our PJs! Kyle was very excited about it all.

After we ate, it was time to play bunko. Out of the 8 of us that attended, only 3 knew how to play. It was my 1st time to play too! Kyle always wondered about the game his mom played while he was growing up. Now he knows!

Kristy got BIG bunko! 

It was a pretty easy game to learn. No wonder women play it. Shelly said it best...we (as women) talk a lot and bunko is easy for us to talk and play a game.

Ray looks scared, and he should've been! Bunko is a loud game, espically with the group we were with!

Thanks Kristy for hosting AND cooking all the food! Can't wait till next month!

 Last but not least was Kyle's annual birthday meal with my parents. Kyle requests the same meal from my mom.  And of course, she cooks it for him every year.
Fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, fried okra, cream corn, and peas.

Kyle had been waiting for this meal all week!
The okra was extra special.  It was what we grew from our garden last year. We realized that okra is super easy to grow.

Kyle says this is the best red velvet cake in the universe. He means it. Every year he looks forward to it.
We ran a lot the week we ingested the heart attack on a plate. And we should probably run more too! I asked Kyle how many calories were in our meals. Not a good question to ask! Good thing we do this in moderation!

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