Friday, June 17, 2011


We've had a lot of McCoy quality family time in May. We spent 2 weekends in Starkville. (Kyle's happy place).  Kyle's sister is getting married in June so there has been a lot of showers, dress hunting, the usual wedding stuff.

Our first trip to Starkville was for Jeff's wedding, a friend Kyle grew up with. Kyle was a groomsman so he was super excited that the rehearsal dinner was at the M club, a place overlooking the football stadium for the athletic alums.

Inside the M Club
 Jeff married Rebekah, from Strakville, so all the festivities were held there.

My handsome husband at the reception. And you know it was on campus too.


 The newlyweds! Jeff and Rebekah!

 Rebekah's son Bran and, as of last week, he is offically Jeff's son too! He's a great breakdancer!

The very next weekend was Leah's (my sister-in-law) bachelorette party in Nashville.
Kyle had a fun weekend too. He went to BBQ fest with our friends, Jen and Leon, and to a crawfish boil the next day. 

Back to the party...we had a good time.  All the bridesmaids came which included Leah's cousin and soon to be sister-in-law. We had a great time meeting some locals and touring the town. Nashville is always a fun place to go for a weekend!

Memorial day weekend we were back in Starkville for Leah and Josh's engagement party hosted by Mr. Simmons. You ask who he is?  He is 87. He used to own the CPA firm Leah works for and he sold it but still works there part time.

Kyle and I at the party.

sibling love

the girls

Our 1st family photo with the engaged couple.

Maybe you're wondering how an 87 year old man still works, drives, hosts parties, and builds retaining walls. So I asked him. I asked Mr. Simmons what his secert is to living a "young" healthy life. He told me he used to work out 3 times a week and drink gin and tonic.  He also said he didn't get married until he was 40. He's been married 47 years to his wife who is 82. She said all of our names as we were were leaving their house. How come I can't remember where I put my keys? 

We stayed the rest of the weekend in Starkville to hang out with Kyle's parents. We got up Monday morning and headed to my parents to cookout with them. Lots of good memories were made!


  1. Sounds like a busy month!

    Love all your pretty dresses!

  2. thanks emily! i love summertime and getting to wear dresses!!!