Sunday, June 12, 2011

my world is a flood

....slowly I become one with the mud.-Jars of Clay.

That song reminds of high school track practice. Today it reminds me of the Memphis floods in May. The muddy Mississippi decided to crest at 47.85 feet just shy of reaching the all time record of the 1937 flood of 48.7 feet.

With all the media here, you'd think the whole city was going under! Just under 10 % of the area was flooded and most of that was uninhabited areas.  This is why I don't believe half of what the news says. I need an eyewitness (that I know personally) telling me if it's true or not! We sure were on the news a lot. GEEZ! So here is a recap of the events back in May.

The parking lot in Harbor Town.

The parking lot flooded in Harbor Town.

You can't see the walking path.

Sand trucks covering Island Drive on Mud Island just in case the river crested over the road (it didn't).

My co-worker and I took a stroll on our lunch break to see the new tourist attraction.

 This is Beale Street where it meets Riverside Dr.

Media time: Everyone was here from Al Roker to Diane Sawyer. They were here to report less than 10% of the city being under water and most uninhabited! Granted there were some homes that were flooded. But come on now!!

There was a man selling water.  This was a true attraction!

Media frenzy.

Riverside Drive was apparently closed.

More of Riverside.

The CNN guy was reporting live... I had to grab that moment!

This is a great statue of a person trying to be rescued

Ironic it was under water for about a week.

They had to move BBQ fest to Tiger Lane (where U of Memphis football tailgating is held) but all the other Memphis in May events were downtown.

I loved the t-shirts!!!! SOS-Save our Swine! 

There were so many good things happening in Memphis the week of the floods. The Memphis Grizzles were in the NBA playoffs and President Obama came to speak at Booker T Washington high school graduation. But you'd never know that if you watched the news!!! Don't believe everything you hear!

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