Monday, June 27, 2011

food for finance: in the air tonight

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At this very moment, Kyle and I are in my jeep with the air conditioning on high!  This is a BIG DEAL! Last summer, my air went out.  It was June and it was already in the 90s everyday. We took it in and they gave us an estimate of $1500 to fix it.  We were still working through baby step 2 and had just one more debt to pay off. So we decided to wait out the summer with no air. We thought.....Oh that won't be too bad. The summer before last was a mild one.

WRONG! Last summer was the second hottest on record. If we would've only known....
It was miserable! Kyle and I took turns driving my jeep. We carpooled a lot with work friends. I feel like we lost weight by sweating at red lights. We began to notice a lot of people didn't have air.  I'd see someone driving by me on the interstate going 70mph with their windows rolled down and I'd give them the *I know how you feel* nod. And it was so loud riding down the interstate with the windows down. And all the car exhaust!!  Then August came. Even worse. We hit 100 plus for 3 weeks straight. I was never so glad to see the season change.

 Finally, a year later, the time came. Once it hit 90s for 1 week straight, it was time to get A/C. Since we were debt free except the house, getting the A/C fixed was not a stressful event. It was only an inconvenience because we had money saved for events like this one. We did have the cash last summer since we'd completed baby step 1, but we wanted to wait (see 1st paragraph-we were temporarily insane!)  It ended up being less than expected, $999.60 and it was well worth it! Kyle thanks the inventor of the air conditioner everyday. He hopes their offspring are millionaires.

So tomorrow when you're driving down the street when it is 97 degrees and you see someone in a car with their natural A/C blowing, feel very sorry for them! Then give thanks that you did not grow up in the 1950s when there was no such thing as A/C in cars. I feel like I have a brand new car but I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty. We've been through a lot together and I hope she (Dolly) lasts me many more years!

Ah....the cool breeze blowing through my hair never felt so good!

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