Sunday, August 21, 2011

ckc: cardiac kids camp

I work with a great group of ladies.  They loaned me out for the week again so I could go work at Cardiac Kids Camp last month.  I went last year and had a blast.

Here is Dr. Goldberg's awesome drawing of the heart that he does every year. He is one of the heart surgeons at Le Bonheur.   

The saying goes "if all your friends jumped from a bridge would you?"  I sure would! I jumped out of this tree. Can you see the ladder at the bottom of the tree?  It is tiny compared to the tall 40 foot tree I climbed. Then look high....there is a platform that you sit on to get your harness changed and adjusted. The hippie guy that helped me at the top was my best friend. I clung to him like no other!

Then you jump. I thought the hardest part would be for me to climb the tree. Oh no. It was the jumping part. I told hippie guy to count to 3 or I'd never go. 1 2 3...

 These pictures don't even do it justice. After you free fall for about 5 seconds, you swing back and forth. It was the scariest thing I've done. The kids talked me into it. I was like "well, I'll go if we have time after all of you go." Then they all went. DARN! I had to go. But I did it! Peer pressure. 

I have tons of pics from camp but I can't post them due to HIPPA. Camp is a great time for cardiac kids to get together and share their fears and make friendships with others who have the same challenges. It is my favorite week of the summer and I am so glad I got to go back this year.  We did so many fun things. I loved making new friendships.  Jumping out of a tree was just a tiny part of the fun!

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