Tuesday, August 16, 2011

food for finance: budgets and beyond

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"He who fails to plan, plans to fail" -a proverb (and a quote from the Robbie McWilliam book for all my work friends!)

I had my 1st garage sale!!! I went to my friend Krista's house and had a grand time.

Here is just some of the trash treasures that I thought I could sell.

WOW we could fit 2 SUVs full of stuff. And I still had more I could've sold but it was last minute. So we dropped off our stuff then Kyle and I had a dinner date at Golden India.

Since the whole world knows that Kyle and I are in the middle of doing Dave Ramsey's plan, I feel the need to talk about our budget! A common question I get, "so can you go out to eat?"  or "Will Dave Ramsey let you eat?"  and you know where this is going.  Keep the jokes coming! 

All a budget you telling your money what to do. Rather than the opposite.  Just like I choose what kind of food I want to eat. I can choose to eat healthy food OR I can choose to eat unhealthy food.  If I pick eating unhealthy food all the time, my health would suffer. If I choose not to have a budget, my finances will suffer. So I choose to have a budget!!!

Oh the dreaded B word!!!!  I never had one until Kyle and I were married!  People think being on a budget is like tying yourself to your house and never leaving.  I've always been a frugal person to an extent.  My Aunt Connie says I get that from my Daddy Bob (my grandfather).  I like to buy things on sale, I HATE owing people money, and so on. When Kyle and I sat down and added up our monthly income and did the budget, I discovered something!!! We have more money than I thought....IF we stuck to our budget. Kyle used to eat out for lunch a lot. So if he and I both brought our lunch to work, we could save "X" amount. Brilliant! Then I started to car pool with a friend from work.  Wow, more money we are saving. Then we decided on a set amount for groceries. When it's gone, it's gone.  No more impulse buying for me on the Kroger mark down aisle! You know you've done it too.  This girl has to eat! Don't mess with my food! I might eat pretty healthy, but I do EAT! 

Basically, anything we spend goes on the budget. I, however, hate doing the budget. That is one reason Kyle and I are great for each other. He loves it! I just review it about every 2 weeks.  But it is an open conservation between the both of us, all the time. So when birthdays come, we have to tell each other how much we are spending or give each other a limit. Keeps us accountable so one of us doesn't commit financial infidelity (which is very common now-a-days.) 

We have an entertainment part of the budget. It is a budget MUST! We'd be crazy if we didn't have fun! To make it extend even further, we like to find "half off" things to do (or free).  That is how we ended up at Golden India.  My mom gave me a coupon book for Christmas with a lot restaurants, things to do, etc. Anyone that knows me, knows I would much rather eat at a hole in the wall place than a chain place.  So the coupon book my mom gave me was perfect!  They have mostly local eateries with usually "buy one get one free" coupons.

Now... back to Golden India. I had Indian food when I spent a summer in England and it was YUM! Then Kyle 1st had it at an Indian reception we went to for the Shah wedding. It was time for us to try it again! And for half off!

 Kyle asked for medium heat. We know how Indian food is. Medium to him equals spicy in Indian-land! He was sweating just eating the medium.

 I don't remember what I got but it was GOOD! I told the waiter I wanted mine "negative mild." In Angie language that means NOT A HINT OF SPICY!! There were 4 Indian guys that were sitting 2 tables behind us. They ordered "very spicy" and when they brought out the food, we all coughed! It was that strong. Even the smell from the steam got to Kyle and I. Then I hear one of the guys say "yeah, that might be too spicy for me." Even the Indian guy couldn't take the heat.  Affirmation that we made the right spice choice!

The next day was the garage sale. And it was in the July heat. I made a total of.............

....180-something dollars!!! This was all I had left! My trash was someone else's treasure! Success! You ask where my money went? To baby step 3 of course!

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