Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i like big butts

Kyle and 3 of his friends are starting up a BBQ team. Forth of July weekend was really "experimental weekend" and I was one of the taste testers! Their first competition is in October so there is a lot of cooking to be had!

There was also a lot of time to kill waiting on the food so the boys played washers.

Greg is a pro.

The set up.

 They are entering in the ribs contest. Don't they look great?

The rib huddle!

Each of the boys did different seasonings.

Here was the fun part. They had each of the ribs on separate plates with numbers on them. We did not know who cooked what. We scored the ribs and the sauces. I was in hog heaven. Pun intended!

Greg explaining the judging process!

It was intense...

...and a very hard job!

Kyle enjoying his hard work.

I really liked the BBQ team name "We like big butts" however, I think they are going with another name. It is still up in the air. Last weekend we did another trial run and they actually did smoke a butt. I ate way too much and had to lay down. I was in a BBQ induced coma. But I came out if it and even had dessert! Special thanks to Katie and Greg for hosting and to Katie for taking the pictures above!  I can't wait for more taste testings!

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