Monday, August 29, 2011

food coma

Kyle's mom came to visit in July. When she comes, you better be rested. She is a go-getter! Kyle gets some of his energy from her! Friday night we went and saw Huey Lewis & the News at the Botanic Garden. I was not looking forward to the heat, but a shower came through and cooled it down a bit.

I asked a guy at the swag booth to take our picture. Then the guy said "I think I know you. Did you go to Skyview?" Yup, a guy in Kindergarten remembered me! My parents have a picture of him and I at Kindergarten graduation. Honestly, I didn't recognize him but I know I still have a baby face so I am not that surprised that he remembered me...I look the same!

We found a great place on the lawn and unpacked our picnic. We had a great time. Great music and great food. I wished Huey would've played longer because he did not get all of his songs in!

We got up the next morning and went to the farmers market. Then we picked up lunch at Frank's Deli. I took them to my new fancy downtown office for a tour and to eat our take-out.

The best club in town is at Frank's. It.Is.Amazing.

Action shot of Kyle enjoying his lunch.

We picked up some guacamole from Las Delicias. They are always at the farmers market. They truly have the best guac in town!

Next, we took a break at home then headed down to Tunica to to hit up the outlet malls. Time to eat again so we ended up at Como Steak house.

Como Steakhouse is the best steak in the South. It is about 45 minutes south of Memphis in Como, MS.

They grill their steaks on this open indoor grill. To the left of the grill is a freezer where you can see all the cuts of meat. 

Kyle got the 22 oz Ribeye. His mom got the fillet.

And I got the shish kabob....and my potato loaded! I had to get a dogie bag! Good stuff. I high recommend taking a trip there. They have other food besides steak. Do it! Your tummy will thank you!

To top off the weekend, my mother-in-law cooked a meal for us the next night.  Stewed squash, peas, onions and cucumbers soaked in vinegar, homemade corn bread (made in my Meme's iron skillet) covered with tomato gravy.

Now you see when my mother-in-laws comes to town, I need a week to recoop! A week to get over my food coma and rest from all the sight seeing. We covered 5 counties on Saturday alone. I want some of her energy! And I hope I have that much energy when I'm in my 50s! Can't wait until she comes back!

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