Sunday, January 2, 2011

fit happens

  I've always heard that most Americans gain any where from 5 to 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years.  However, according to the National Institute of Child Heath and Human Development, only about one pound is gained. Even still, Americans will gain weight during this time of year. So Kyle decided to have a holiday resolution:  His goal was to lose 5 lbs during the holiday season. WHAT? Who does that?   He does!  And he did!  Not only did he lose 5 lbs, he surpassed that and lost 6.5 lbs!  He is 2 lbs over what he lost originally. He currently weighs 188 lbs and has lost a total of 62 lbs!  

Here is a picture of us at a friend's Christmas party. The shirt he is wearing is suppose to be "fitting." Not anymore, it's a little big! How did he accomplish his holiday resolution? He ate really well during the week, he didn't over indulge when people would bring holiday food to the office (or he just simply said "no thank-you"), and he ran. He did this so that he could enjoy his food with his family during the holidays! He said that it tasted better that way! *Weigh* to go Kyle! To read about Kyle's weight lose journey, click here

To keep fit all year, we signed up for the Road Race Series through the Memphis Runners Track Club. It consists of 10 races from July-November.  two 5k's,  two 5-milerstwo 10k's, two 10-milerstwo half-marathons. Kyle completed 5 races while I ran 6.  I ended up doing both half marathons.

AND I ran the St. Jude Half (so did Kyle but under a different alias...we ran under some friends names!) so that meant that I ran 3 halves in 4 weeks! I had originally lost 2 lbs but then I gained it back! I was even! Whew! Boys can lose weight faster right?! Kyle PR'ed (set a personal record) at St. Jude running it in 2:05!! Too bad it wasn't even under his name!

I also participated in the Memphis Runners Track Club women run/walk program. Such a GREAT way to begin walking if you don't do any sort of exercising! OR it is a great program to increase your speed if you already run a lot.  OR if you just want to begin to start running.  They have groups for all types of walkers/runners.  I've done this program before and each time, my 5k time improved!

We've started a running group, the Southaven Striders.  We decided that since we already run, why not invite people in our community to come with us. Also, there were no organized groups in our area so we thought we'd start one. So far, so good.  Kyle really wants to pay it forward.  We invite all types of runners! Slow and fast (but not to fast! ha!)

I just wanted to share with everyone how proud I am of my hubby!  When we were engaged, he weighed 250 lbs AND had a membership to a gym.  He lost all of his weight when he was NOT a member of a gym. To be continued....

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