Sunday, October 30, 2011

kaught in the kitchen

Kyle and I agree on a clean kitchen. When I say clean, I mean no dishes can be left in the sink. We take the extra 3 seconds and put the dish in the dishwasher. Simple. We are by no means neat freaks. Our baker's rack gets dusty, our table collects all the junk mail, etc. I am on a mission to find a solution for that! Ideas anyone? We were doing great at the beginning of the year. We had check list of chores to do each day so we would not have to spend all weekend cleaning. Well, that lasted until May when the sheet ran out. Oops.

So we're trying to get back on track! Kyle made us a new check list to last until the end of the year. Kyle started it off right and deep cleaned the fridge. He loves doing that. And I love that he loves to do it too! This is why he is my toilet paper husband! Let the cleaning begin!

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