Friday, January 6, 2012

thankful for family and...applebee's?

It was our year to do McCoy thanksgiving at the deer camp in the deep delta of Mississippi. We can't make both so we switch each year.

MIL and Annlea (Kyle's cousins baby)

The spread was amazing.

Mimi (Kyle's very funny grandmother) and Aunt Eloise (Kyle's great aunt)

4 generations

Last spring was full of tornadoes. One passed by the deer camp.

Only a city girl would take this picture.

After thanksgiving, we went to Jackson, MS to spend the night with Kyle's cousin since Mimi is now moved to a retirement home in Meridian. I wanted to take a tour of his family land in the Delta where Mimi lived and my MIL grew up. Our drive to Jackson was about 1 hr and 15 mins and about 15 mins from Jackson I had the best idea. I said "Kyle, why did we not stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Vicksburg or Greenwood? Then we wouldn't have to drive all the back tomorrow and you know I want to stay at a B & B in the Delta." Kyle said  "Angie that was a great idea....1 day ago." I was not on top of my game. A little too late.

Then...we needed to eat dinner and wait for his cousin to get back from her in-laws. I just knew there would be at least 5 options for me to choose from. My pet peeve is eating at chain restaurants. So we drove around for about 15 mins and there was nothing open. I kept dwelling on my B & B idea.

eating good in the neighborhood

The chain of chain restaurants was the only place open. APPLEBEE'S! Really? Seriously? That place reminds me of the movie Talladega nights. So we made the most of it. We sat at the bar and had some salads. And I had a great time. It felt like I was at someones home. They were putting up the tree. Very nice people on a thanksgiving night. If you are ever feeling down about missing out on a great idea, go to Applebee's. It will make you have warm fuzzies.

By the time we were done eating, Kyle's cousin was home. Perfect timing. We hung out with her family and I tried to talk Kyle into going shopping at midnight while I slept (HA). I really wanted a Dyson and black Friday had great deals. He didn't go for my idea (got shot down twice that day) so we utilized cyber Monday and now we are proud owners!

Next post will be my delta tour!

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