Sunday, January 22, 2012

delta tour, basketball, football OH MY!

My last post was about Thanksgiving and how I wanted Kyle to take me on a tour of his family land while we were in the area. So here it is "the to be continued" Thanksgiving trip.

Welcome to Thornton, Mississippi. Population: I don't know! I was all ready to see a town square. There is not one. I guess that is why it is called " touring farm land!"

This is where my mother-in-law grew up. It used to be a cotton farm. Now they lease it out to corn farmers.

This is the tire swing in the back of Kyle's Mimi's old house.

And that was it. Kyle said, I told you we'd be done touring in about 10 minutes. I had a good time and it was nice to see some family history!

Then we went north to Greenwood, MS. Home of where the movie The Help was filmed.

Finally, a town square! It is a such cute downtown area. I'm sure there is farm land there too. Kyle showed me Mimi's "city home!" They spend so much time in the city, they needed a place to sleep! We had lunch at The Crystal Grill. It was one of Pappy's (Kyle's grandfather) favorites.

After walking the streets of downtown Greenwood, we drove east to Starkville to complete our Mississippi tour.
Another game of the century was about to happen. That's right! The battle of the McCoys happened again. Read about the 1st battle here. Round TWO! Mississippi State vs UT-Martin basketball game!

I had to take a picture when the game was tied. It counts even though the game just started right?

The boys in action.
I tried to count the UTM fans. I counted all 6 of them. I think those 6 fans were parents of the players. But I sure did stick out like a sore thumb when UTM would make a basket and I stood up to cheer. I'm a true fan!

To bad UT-Martin lost.

The very next day was the Egg Bowl. Ole Miss vs MSU.

Leah and Josh-the newlyweds.

a game of football at the tailgate.

the hash tag. #hailstate
Mississippi State was the 1st college to put a hash tag in the end zone for people to tweet during the game. MSU made a social medial breakthrough!

It rained, then it stopped.

Then it rained. But it was not a cold rain. So I was able to hang...until the end of the 1st quarter when my SIL Leah wanted to leave and go to BWW to watch the game in dry air.

Leah saving us a parking spot at BWW.

Mississippi State ended up winning the Egg bowl 31-3. They've won 3 years in a row and that has not happened since the 40s I think?! Needless to say, I was with a happy family.

What a great weekend!

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