Friday, January 6, 2012

thankful for friends

Maybe my new years resolution needs to be to stay on top of blogging!
Back to November...I love the fact that my friends do a "friends thanksgiving." Some of them are my friends from college that are not from Memphis but ended up here. Some are work friends, bible study friends, Memphis friends...friends of all kinds. I am thankful that we take time to do this. Some of them have family far away but it is nice to know that they have a family right here in Memphis when they can't be near their loved ones.


So...April's boyfriend Nathan pulled Kyle aside and told him he was going to propose to April on Thanksgiving day in front of her family. Kyle DID NOT tell me! I got a text from April on Thanksgiving night. I can't believe that boy didn't tell me. Don't married people share everything? Even secrets? Congrats April and Nathan! Too bad Kyle didn't think I could keep a secret for 4 days. I guess I understand why he didn't!



Cindy loves to make crazy faces. Can you pick her out?

The secret keeper and me

Maybe this is why he didn't tell me. I met up with April the next day with a couple of friends to have lunch with our sorority sister who is expecting. Maybe he didn't want me to look like I knew something. He knows I keep good secrets!
me-Betsy-April-Shelly-Jennifer-Holly (and her baby bump)

I am very blessed to have such a wonderful Memphis friend family.

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