Friday, April 6, 2012

dunagan family christmas time

I enjoy documenting family Christmas time. I like to look back on the years and see how much things have changed-for the good (watching the kids grow) and bad (watching wrinkles grow! )

We did things a little different this year. Ever since I can remember, we've always done Christmas with my extended family on Christmas eve night. Well, we mixed it up this time and started at 12 noon. It worked out perfect because that allowed Kyle and I to leave for his family that night. It's about a 4 hour drive.

my dad and me!

Cuz Lyle and Aunt Rita

Aidan-cuz Christy's 1st born.

Caleb-cuz Christy's 2nd born.

all the presents for dirty santa!

Christy picked the present with the brick. What a tricky gift....there was a gift card hidden in there!
The best gift was the leg nightlight from the movie A Christmas Story. I must admit that I finally saw the movie...this Christmas!

cuz Brett, the kids, and Kyle playing football.

Aunt Connie and her red hat...she is an active member in the Red Hats Club!

Christmas eve 2011

Me and my mom!!!

Merry Christmas!

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