Tuesday, April 10, 2012

mccoy christmas

Christmas eve night we left my family Christmas to go to Kyle's parents. The dogs came too! They were great for the 4 hour drive.

Christmas day! My MIL and the golden girls.

  The Christmas cooks! It was an amazing Christmas lunch!
Boomer-he likes to spread the love around. My SIL's husband is a trooper.

Now Boomer has moved over to Aunt Eloise and Leah.

Our family photo!  It was the best I could do!

Wow-Josh has so many gifts! We played a gag on Leah. She was a little concerned that Josh had tons of gifts and he just came into the family a short 6 months ago!

Look-we got a fancy camera!

Boomer is seriously a lap lover! 

Leah just realized that we tricked her. He had about 5 fake gifts. It was too funny!

Test pic with the new camera!


game time!

The very next day we had the extended family Christmas.

Cute Annlea!

Everyone wanted a picture with the beautiful baby.

daddy and daughter

Playing dirty Santa!

These nest few pics are too funny!
"Mimi-close your mouth"

She said "I'll try."

Nope not happening.

See-she just needed me in the pic to help!

Mimi and her kids.

Mimi's grand kids

Always a fun time with my inlaws! (not everyone can say that!)

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