Monday, July 30, 2012

award-winning bluff city bulldogs: part 2

Read part one here. My MIL and I left the boys after the judging to go to the Cotton District Arts Festival.

What an interesting ice cream maker!

Lots and lots of tents to buy pretty things!
We were half way through the tents when Kyle called me. He was like a kid on Christmas morning. He said "Angie....WE WON 2ND in RIBS! We have to go to the baseball game to get our trophy!"

Mind you, the boys stayed up all night smoking ribs. His plan was to go to bed. But plans changed when the  winners were announced! He also said that the boys wanted me and my MIL to come on the field to accept the award. They said if it wasn't for us, they would not have won. And I agree! They needed a woman's touch with the decorations for the on-site judging!

So we had to rush and leave the festival so we could be on the field before the game started to accept the award.

Kyle made me take tons of pics of the field.

The trophies!

MSU was playing Tennessee so I had to take a shot! I still have to cheer for the orange!

The icing on the cake! MIL and me!

I got the BEST action shot of Greg accepting the award for the team!

Bluff City Bulldogs-an award winning team!

Alex was on a team with his family. How cute is his little one?! His team won something too!

They wanted lots of pics of the award winning team! ha! Kyle went to the house and took a nap. I stayed with my in-laws and watched the baseball game. MSU ended up winning after 13 innings!

After the baseball game, we met Kyle and went to the spring football game. We got to sit in the suite!

My poor hubs..he was tired and excited all at once. We didn't get to stay for the Sugarland show because we had to get back home so Kyle could teach Financial Peace University at our church.

What a fun weekend!

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