Sunday, July 29, 2012

award-winning bluff city bulldogs: part 1

In April, Kyle and his Bluff City Bulldogs BBQ team entered the BBQ contest in Starkville, MS during Super Bulldog weekend. Kyle was in heaven. He was smoking BBQ in his favorite city.

I was the only wife that came up. And I was the official photographer!
moving the ribs

trying out different smokers.

Greg's homemade smoker

the boys hard at work

Kyle and Chris

checking the temp-it needs to be 250 to 275.

the line of smokers.

This competition had on site judges. My MIL and I asked what type of decorations they had. They had none. So my MIL (Kyle's mom) came through! We used her stuff to decorate the table for the judges. They needed a woman' touch!
Our decorations!

It looked GREAT-the part my MIL and I did!

The ribs for the blind judging.

Look at that ring!

I was also the official taste tester. I said they should win! You know it's good when you have sauce all over your face.

The team: Kyle-Greg-Chris-Hayes

I was in a good place to take pictures of the judges coming to the tent to taste test.

The salesman Greg, explaining the difference in each smoker.

The crew watching Greg work his magic.

The judges took their places.

Greg still at work

Kyle preparing the ribs

Here they go

The crew introducing themselves

Do you see that rib? NOTHING left on the bone!

So what place did they get? Stay tuned for the next blog!

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