Saturday, July 14, 2012

4th wedding anniversary

Happy 4 years (well, in April!) I kept of thinking of our anniversary last year and how it was spent on a cruise! I think all wedding anniversaries should have a day off. Epically since only 50% of them last. It is a big accomplishment!

Kyle and I follow the traditional wedding gifts. Year 4 is fruit and flowers. It was so hard to find a boy gift with fruit and/or flowers! Finally I gave up and ordered him an edible arrangement (the obvious gift.) He was on weight watchers and I figured a fruit basket would be better than a cookie one! So I had it delivered to his work. I made it manly by placing it in football! It was his 1st flowers delivered to him at work! haha! He called me that morning to thank me for his bouquet.

I kept telling my co-workers that Kyle was getting me the same thing! I just knew it because he was wanting to know if I'd be at work all day on our anniversary. Come to find out, Kyle had arranged to drive down to deliver my edible arrangement himself. See, I knew he was getting me the same thing!

It was a little crazy with the surprise. I went to lunch with my co-worker and my manager called her while we were eating and told her to stall me because Kyle was on his way. She did a great because I had no clue!

I walked in my office and Kyle was sitting at my desk with my edible arrangement! However, Kyle was a little smarter and got me small bouquet and a massage. I went all out and got him lots of fruit. He was totally jipped! But hey, I'm carring our love child. Isn't that enough?! HA! We both spent A LOT of money on some fruit. Those things are expensive.

Our classic anniversary photo!

I have to show off the fruit since it costed a butt load of money!

Kyle's football

Look! a pinapple made into a 4. This is how I ended up spending so much money. Add ons like these!

My strawberries.

Kyle and I are so much alike. I told him that I googled a coupon code to get $5 off. He said he did the same thing!  This is why we are MFEO meant for each other.

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