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birth: nailed it

My friend Lisa sent me this picture on my facebook wall. I laughed so much!

She also sent me this...

The last post was about the night I checked in the hospital to be induced. McBoy was born the very next day on Monday, October 1.

*Disclaimer: I have some pictures that might gross you out if you've not see a baby right out of the womb.  I work in the medical field and this stuff is fun for me! So don't read if you get sick by that kind of stuff. I am documenting this for our family and this day was very important to us. I want to keep it fresh on my mind by telling McBoy's birthing story.

The goal that day was to have a baby. We got up at 4am and both took showers. They started the pitocin (medicine to induce labor) at 6am.  My friend Jessica is a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital where I delivered. She called and told my night nurse who she wanted me to have for the day of McBoy's arrival. Well at 7am, the girl who she picked was not my nurse. My nurse told me "now honey, I can't read minds so you need to tell me things when you need them." Yeah, not really my type of nurse. 10 minutes later, my hand picked nurse came in! She said there was some confusion and she would be with me. She was more my style! I really liked her! Jessica was scheduled to come in at 7pm and then she'd be my nurse if I was still in labor.

At 8:30am my doctor came in to check my progress. He said I had not dilated any and my cervix was still hard. He gave me 2 options.

1. Go home and come back the same night to try the Cervidil all over again which he did not recommend.
2. Break my water and have a baby. But he told me I'd have a 90% of having a c-section.

I was devastated! He did tell me that he could be wrong. I texted my 2 friends that were in the field of bringing babies in the world and they suggested for me to get my water broken and at least try. So that is what I did. After he broke my water, I asked for my pain meds but no epidural. I wasn't hurting that bad. I was still only dilated 1 cm and McBoy was a -3 (he wasn't even near my cervix to soften it-no wonder). He needed to be a 0 or a +1. My doctor had to go to another hospital so another doctor that I'd seen before would be checking on me.

Dad came to check on me.

Excited about meeting our McBoy and revealing the name.

We love each other.

Mom was over the moon excited. So much that she never left the hospital and stayed in the waiting room all night. 

After the doctor broke my water, I started to feel some labor pains. I was convinced that I was having a section (didn't want to get my hopes up).  I thought I would not have labor pains since the 1st meds did not work. I've heard that when you're induced, labor pains hurt more since they don't happen naturally. They go from 0 to 60 in 30 minutes. That is what happened. OH MY! I was in pain! Breaking my water made things come along!

 I asked for more pain meds but my nurse asked if I wanted my epidural and I said YES! I was so scared to get it but I was in so much pain I did not care. I was scared a contraction would come when he was giving it to me. We had to pause 2 times for the contractions to stop. I made it through and felt like a new person!

I told my nurse I felt like I had a ball in my pelvis. She checked me and I was 4cm!! No wonder why I was doubled-over in pain. This was only 2 hours after my water breaking. I was still convinced I was having a section.

My nurse asked me if a nursing student could put in my cath . I said sure since I was numb (and that is the only way I'd let a student do it). That epidural is DA BOMB! Sometimes I wish I could have an epidural for the bad times in life. Wouldn't that be grand?! My nurse checked me (around 1ish) and I was at a 5!

Around 2ish, Kristy, Jen, and my MIL came to see me. Then, the doctor came to check me. They got behind the curtain to give me some privacy. I could here them taking bets on how dilated I was! The doc said "well I heard you might be our success story of the day." Drum roll....I was a 7/8!!! I could heard cheering from behind the curtain! HOORAY! Still, I was not convinced! I didn't want to get my hopes up. My nurse even told me she really thought that I could have him. She said she thought he could fit. I needed it to happen for me to believe.

At 4:30, the doctor came in. He checked me and said it's time. "You're at 10" he said. I was floored. My heart rate jumped to 135. My doctor was still at the other hospital. The doctor that was about to deliver McBoy had delivered 2 of my friend's babies. So I was ok.

I had Kyle text Jessica and she hurried in early to help. Mariana (my OBGYN nurse practitioner friend) just got off work and hurried in as well.

At 4:45, we were pushing. Doctor said "come on dad and grab a leg". Kyle was prepared do to that. For those that don't know, the doctor comes at the begining, middle, and end. It's the nurses, moms, and dads that do the hard work!

My birthing team: Mariana, Jessica, and Kyle
Well, there were others but at one point in time, I looked around and they were the only 3 in the room! And they were all my friends! I was about an hour into pushing and my nurse went to get something to drink. Low and behold, I realized that I have my baby's life in these people's hands! You push only when you have a contraction. So about every 2 minutes, I would push. After I pushed I needed to get a picture of what was happening. Yes, I had Kyle get me my camera and I snapped a quick picture. Kyle said "only you would do this while birthing our son".

Kyle would switch from holding my back up during pushes to holding my leg. When he'd push my back, Kyle would hold his breath as well. I said "Kyle, why are you out of breath?" HA! Kyle said he has a new respect for me. He said it was the best experience to get to watch our son being born. I pushed a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes. I would push and count to 10 for 3 times. I said I could do 4 times so I did! It was so easy! I had an epidural so of course it did not hurt. I could only feel pressure. My doctor was on the scarcastic side. He made me laugh during one of my pushes. I even told him that if I had feeling in my legs, I'd kick him.

Finally, at 6:17 Jonah Murphy McCoy arrived! Kyle said it took him 4 times to cut the cord.

My big man! We did it!

Not a happy camper.

He was a big one-8 pounds and 6 ounces.

My team with Jonah!

sweet moments

Proud Pappa!

Kyle said "so can we tell the name?" and I had not really see him yet until now. So we told the name. He looked like a Jonah!

First family photo.

Skin to skin.
Kyle went to tell the good news to the waiting room filled with anxious family and friends. I'll post pictures of that next.

My doctor finally came in from the other hospital and said I proved him wrong. He said he was sorry he missed it and ended up delivering 6 boys. Oh whatever! I wanted to tell him, I told you so!

Grandparents finally meet Jonah.

Granny is so excited!

Nana is excited too!

Nana and Pops

Granny and Grandpa

The friends meet Jonah

ALL the friends meet Jonah!

Jonah gets his 1st bath.

Measuring him-he was 22 inches.

Bath time-not happy.

All clean!

Whew-what a LONG day! I swore I'd never send him to the nursery. But they promised they'd bring him to me when he was hungry. And they did! We got some rest.

I am so happy that things went they way I wanted them to. I was prepared either way. I was surprised that I did not have to have a section because he was so late. But we did it! We love our Jonah Murphy!

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