Tuesday, October 9, 2012

twas the night before meeting mcboy

McBoy didn't want to come on his own. I even tried foods that people suggested that would help induce labor.  He just wasn't ready so my doctor said that 1 1/2 weeks was the most I could wait after my due date. I was not happy about being induced. Not happy! But I weighed the odds and being induced was the lesser of the 2 evils. So on Sunday night, September 30, we headed to check in at the hospital at 6pm.

We packed as if I was getting a c-section. You never know how inductions end up so we wanted to be prepared. Being my nerdy self, I researched and the odds of having a section with an induction are about 40%.  So Kyle and I packed for 5 days. We had tons of stuff!

I was so swollen. I felt fine but maybe I thought that because I really didn't want to be induced!

We got all checked in and started my meds at 8pm. I had to take cervidil to soften my cervix. Since it *might* put me in labor, my parents didn't want to miss anything so they stayed in the waiting room all night. I told them to go home and get some rest. But they just couldn't do that! Kyle's parents came up that day and we had our last meal at Outback after Kyle and I went to church. My sweet in-laws stayed at our house at night and dog sat for us!

I was lucky to have a friend that worked in Labor and Delivery and she picked my nurses for me! I had a great night nurse! She suggested I take a sleeping pill to get some rest. So I did. It was not the best sleep but at least I was a little relaxed. I might have slept 2 hours.

I was supposed to have a September baby. As time kept passing me by, I still could not believe that he was coming in October. I told McBoy that our pregnancy announcement made no sense. He had a running bib number that said Sept 2012 not Oct 2012. Now I see that he is in control and not me. Parenting lesson # 1.
Stay tuned for the next day...Monday October 1, the day McBoy arrived!

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