Friday, October 19, 2012

i've been waiting (for a boy like you)

The following pictures and captions are from my friend Kristy's facebook page. Since I was not out in the waiting room and I can't tell the story, she did. Apparently, they had a good time!  She was so sweet. She took the day off from work and was at the hospital at 9:30am. She also kept everyone up to date on my progress. My friend Jen also came to join her in the afternoon. Then the others followed suit.

From Kristy....
Angie's dad right after they told him that she was pushing! I think he may have been a little nervous. (my mom said that she has the same picture when he was waiting on me to be born!)

Waiting on Kyle to come through the doors!

Texts and calls galore!

The cheerleaders!

Waiting to meet McBoy!

Having a whale of a time!

Ready, set, TEXT!

So excited for McBoy!

Go Team!

We were getting a little restless!

Still waiting...

Mr. Dunagan wanted an up close view of the hallway that Kyle would walk down! (My Aunt Vicki thought she saw Kyle but it was a false alert. So dad moved front and center)

Missy Molly had a steam boat, the steam boat had a bell....

He's here! (Kyle wanted to sneak and come in the back but he knew the waiting room would kill him!)

Jonah Murphy McCoy is here! (name finally revealed!)

Happy Daddy!

Bragging on his baby boy (and wife)!

Happy Grandparents!

Seriously Kristy, how many pictures are you going to take?

(I moved to a post partum room so the waiting room crew moved upstairs. I needed to get settled before they all came to meet Jonah)

You're next! (Steph is due in December-Jonah will love playing with Eli!)

The evil side of Cindy made an appearance.

Well hey Ray!

And this is when it all goes downhill.

McDreamy and McSteamy

I am so Hoppy to meet Jonah!

I took up a 2nd job while I was there!

and waiting... and waiting... (my friends calls us the "Memphis family" and I feel like we are a secret club!)

All the cheerleaders!

So sleepy!
  (It takes a while to get moved, the nurse to give me instructions, feed Jonah, ect. the grandparents had not met Jonah yet. He was born at 6:17 and they finally met him around 8:45ish. The grandparents came back 1st to have their moment!)
Well worth the wait! (grandmas)

Jonah Murphy McCoy

The champion!
 (I really didn't want this posted but I just delivered an 8 pound 6 ounce baby. I should look bad!)

Proud Parents

Granny loving!

So sweet!

The crew comes to meet Jonah
The crew... saying our goodbyes...

Thanks Kristy for the pictures! The Memphis family were worried they were bothering the "real" adults but my mom said it took the anxiety off her. Waiting was so hard for my mom. She wanted to see him ASAP but the nurses had to get him ready! Now they know for Steph's delivery!


  1. Did you only have hubs in delivery with you? Just curious bc I hear everyone does it different. You know that Kourtney Kardashian had the whole fam in there! haha!

    1. hahaha! those kardashians! i had 3 people. hubs, my friend jessica (she is a L&D nurse where i delivered) and mariana (my other friend who is an OBGYN NP). read the post after this one and it explains it all! kyle and i decided to just have us (and our friends to deal with babies!) i wanted them in there in case the doctor made a call that didnt need to be made...they could tell me not to/or to do it!