Saturday, January 12, 2013

food for finance: back to the grind

My maternity leave ended on Christmas eve since Jonah was 2 weeks late coming to this world. That worked out great for me (go Jonah) because we were closed! So I didn't have to go back until the day after Christmas which meant I only worked 2 days! We've decided that I will only work 4 days a week so I can be off on Fridays. Then the next week was New Years...same situation. I only worked 2 days. It really helped ease me into work. However, I REALLY liked working just 2 days a week.
I came straight home on my 1st day back to get some snuggle time with Jonah. Boomer missed me as well. He loved me being home the last 12 weeks.
Update on our Total Money Makeover-we are still on baby step 3c (the C means we are saving to buy a newer car).  We have our 6 month emergency fund in place. Before we move on to step 4, 5, and 6 we want to have money saved for a car since we both have cars that are 10 years old. We also have to pay taxes on an IRA we are transferring. I feel like we're stuck in the never ending circle of baby step 3 but we've come so far!
We are very blessed that Kyle got a new job with more money. Since I am working 16 hours less a month and Kyle is going to stop doing trivia in February, it works out being the same as what we were working. But now we both get more time at home with Jonah! Win-Win!
I'll update when we complete this new goal. And you will know because that will mean we will be paying a lot towards our house which means we will be closer to being debt-free!

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