Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the crystal ball

Two weekends ago, Kyle and I attended the Crystal Ball benifiting the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississipi. Apparently, this is a big deal and one of the largest events in DeSoto County. I was not informed on what a big wig event I was attending until I arrived. Kyle called me the week before the event to ask if I wanted to go. The bank was sending him. Tickets were $150 a person. I had no clue what I was in for. I just knew that none of my dresses fit me and I had to wear a maternity dress. I was not happy about it.

Jen and Leon came over to keep J. He did great with them!

We arrived at the event and when I saw a white limo pull in, I knew I was in for a treat.

The cutest couple there!
We walked in and about 1/4th of the people were in tuxes or long evening gowns. I will be better prepared for next year.

After coat check , we tasted the house drink. It was yummy. It was a Brazilian themed party. We walked thru the town of Rio with clothes hanging on the line, graffiti on the walls, and dancers on the balcony. Then they led us to the photo area. I felt like I was at a red carpet event with the Click magazine logo (DeSoto County's who's who magazine) as the background of the photo area.

After our photo, we shopped at the silent auction during cocktail hour. We didn't win anything but they had some cute stuff.

Jen sent us a picture of my cute little man.

Then she sent another one. So sweet.

After cocktail hour, they served dinner, Texas de Brazil style. We had assigned seats with the bank. They had a lady dancing in the air with ribbons. Kind of like a cirque du soleil show. It was amazing how they had the decorations for this event. I was very impressed. After dinner was the live auction. Archie Manning was the special guest.

After the auction was the live music. Kevin and Bethany Paige played. They've play a lot of gigs around Memphis and I was so excited to see them live again.

I'm not used to going to these types of events so I had to put on my "fancy" self on! Kyle and I cleaned up well if I do say so myself. We had a blast and can't wait to see what event we get to go to next.

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  1. Looks fancy!!
    I think you looked great! Never would have known it was a maternity dress.