Friday, January 25, 2013

pump it up

I really need to write a blog about my breastfeeding experience. It was VERY hard at 1st but I made it! When I returned to work, I knew I needed to pump. A lot of my co-workers breastfeed but they are not in the office a lot. I tend to be in the office a lot more these days and I needed somewhere to go. I was going into my manager's office to pump. I came back to my office after pumping in my manager's office to find this after 2 days of having to switch offices with her 3 times a day...
My very own pumping station at my desk.
I share an office with 2 other people. Luckily, they don't mind the noise while I pump. If you've never heard anyone pump, it can be noisy.

This is how she made my station. She got a blanket and cut 2 holes in it. She put some Velcro on the wall.
When I need to have privacy, I pull the blanket over and connect it to the other side to make my pumping station. I work with a supportive group of women. I usually pump 3 times a day while a work. Now I can work and pump...what a smart manager, she knows what she is doing! HA!

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