Saturday, January 12, 2013

home alone

Kyle started his 1st day at his new job on New Year's Eve. He had to go out of town for training so he left the day before. The good news is that the home office is in the same town where Kyle's parents live. They are enjoying the extra time with Kyle.
Betsy and Shelly came over to hang out with us while Kyle was gone.
We FaceTime'd Jen in Ohio. Look at all the snow they got.
We got take out and watched a movie.
Jonah didn't make it for the whole movie. But he found a comfy spot on Aunt Shelly.
When the girls left, we facetime'd daddy!
Look at Pops in the background. Kyle and Pops are dressed a like! Jonah is a facetiming pro. We survived our 1st night alone. But we were happy when daddy got back NYE!

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