Sunday, August 26, 2012

food for fiance: fit & pregnant

(healthy) food for finance is a column where we talk about how fitness and finance correlate with each other. join us on our journey to be both physically and financially fit.

I had it in my head that I would be the most fit pregnant girl in town. WRONG! I wanted to be like the pregnant girl that ran the marathon at almost 39 weeks pregnant. I had pretty high expectations for myself. I ran a marathon last December and it was not fun not being pregnant. I could not imagine doing one while pregnant! At any stage of pregnancy! 

 It was a hard pill for me to swallow. I had to slow down and listen to my body. I did jog some, up until about 30 weeks. I've also had to stay inside most the summer and work out. It was way to hot for me to walk./jog outside. Luckily my work has a gym we get to use so I walked on the treadmill and used the elliptical machine. I also did some weights. I did leg lounges one day with some dumb bells and I had no idea why I was so sore. Duh, I already had my "extra" weight on my body! I didn't need to add 30 more pounds!

I did my first 5k with my little man in May!

I was 22 weeks here and walked it with my friend Heather.

Heather is getting into walking so I told her I'd walk a 5k with her. Congrats Heather!

Here is my 5k time while in the gym at 28 weeks pregnant.
That time is so far from my personal best that I had last year around 28 minutes. I've told myself that as long I'm exercising, time is not what I need to focus on! I can't compare pregnant Angie to non-pregnant Angie.

I've struggled with my weight gain while being pregnant. At my 36 week check-up last week, I gained a total of 43 pounds!  Yet another hard pill for me to swallow. Every time I get on the scale I cringe. This is a whole new experience for me. In the books, average weight gain for a healthy person is 25-35 pounds. However, my doctor tells me I'm fine. He is not worried about me. He says I've got a lot of water weight and my body is storing food for breastfeeding. He basically called me a bear and that I'm getting ready for winter. Thanks doc!

This baby is making me do things I never thought I'd do-gain a bunch of weight and not run! I love him anyways though. So if you're struggling like me, it's ok! I'm here for you!

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