Friday, May 3, 2013

chick magnet: jonah's 1st easter

I am so glad that I can now blame Jonah for not being up to date on the blog (sorry J, but it's true!)
We went to my in-law's for Easter. J was awesome!
We took Jonah to get his picture taken with live bunnies. He was a perfect model!
Next up, famliy time!!
J didn't get to go on the Easter egg hunt b/c he fell asleep. But he woke up in a great mood!
He loved his Easter basket.
He got to hang out with family!
And his great-grandmother (Mimi), yet he looks sad. It was hard to get Mimi and Jonah to smile at the same time.
We all went to Nana and Pops' church. He got to meet all of their friends. He loves going to church. He really likes the music.

Our attempt for a family picture.
We had such a fun time hanging out with family. We are very blessed.

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