Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ohio state university gender reveal, DMB show, and more!

The last weekend in April was a time for celebration. My friends Jen and Leon are expecting in September. I am beyond excited for them. Also I am having flashbacks of my pregnancy last year since we basically had/have the same due date, just a year apart! I feel what you are going through Jen!
My friend Kristy that did my reveal cake and Steph's reveal had yet another great idea. Since my friends are from Ohio and are BIG OSU fans, she had this idea.
Buck-guy or a Buck-girl?
 She even made this crafty sign
The future parents!
Here is Steph's reveal, and then mine. Look at our cuties!
 It's a....
 Buck GIRL! Look, I even made these Buckeyes! They were yummy!
April married a twin. This is what she would look like if she carried on the twin theme! ha! Looks as if Eli (almost 5 months) has caught up to Jonah (almost 7 months)!
 Our boys playing!
Best buds! Only 2 months apart
Later we went to the Dave Mathews show. The weather was perfect.
At the show with our friends.
 Meanwhile at the house.... Shelly, Adam, and Kristy kept Jonah. They said he was great.
 Then on Sunday, we went to visit my aunts.
Uncle Jake and Aunt Connie getting some Jonah time!
We had a very busy weekend, but that is always how April is.


  1. How fun!! Did they know what they were having prior to the reveal?

    Glad you had fun at the concert!

    1. they did know!!! the reveal was basically for us! haha!!