Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5th wedding anniversary

In April, Kyle and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. I can't say enough about my Kyle! With us, what you see is what you get. We are goofy, serious, and loving all in one.
5 years!! Now we have our little love bug Jonah! And to think our last anniversary Jonah was growing in my belly!
We celebrated our anniversary a week later due to the fact that I am an awesome wife and "let" Kyle partake in a BBQ contest the weekend of our anniversary! Seems every anniversary ends up the same weekend as Super Bulldog weekend.
 Randi (my friend/nanny) kept Jonah while we went to see Memphis the Musical. We ate beforehand at McEwens on Monroe. We stopped for a little outdoor music on the way to dinner. We had a fun night!
Some pictures from our wedding in 2008.
Why our marriage works:
We talk about everything. He is very easy going and laid back. We are on the same page (especially our finances). He treats his mom and mother-in-law like me, which is like a princess! He loves to do the dishes and cook. He was so excited when we had Jonah. He had been waiting to be a daddy. He helps with late night feedings, diaper changes, all the messy stuff that comes with babies. He is very active in the community. He teaches a class at church. He works hard.
We have been through a lot in 5 years. Kyle lost 60 pounds and became a runner. We even started a running group and ran a marathon together. We've become debt-free except our house, funded our emergency-fund, and are working towards our other goals (to buy a car with cash, then pay off our house). We went through a miscarriage, cancer with family, but on the up side we had our Jonah.
Our gift to each other:
The traditional 5 year gift is wood. We had friends make our presents for each other. My friend Kyle made a little bench for me to give to my Kyle. Then John made a side table that goes in our living for Kyle to give to me. They both turned out great.
I can only hope the next 5 years will be just as fun as the 1st 5 were!


  1. Happy (slightly belated) Anniversary to you!!!

    1. thx Alyssa! If I wasn't so behind on the blog, it wouldn't be a belated comment! ha!