Friday, May 31, 2013

april recap-the life of a 6 month old

Jonah turned 26 weeks old on his 6 month birthday on April 1.
I am proud of myself for keeping up with the weekly pictures!
This seems to be the look he always give me. "Really mom, ANOTHER picture!"
A lot of times the pictures happen before bedtime and he is out of it.
BYOB-bring your own bottle (or in my breastfeeding case...BOYBoob!)
There is that look again! There were 5 Mondays in April. 

6 month findings:
He still loves bath time! Loves to splash and kick!
Our 1st run as a family.

1st really good bed head picture.

Loves it when Granny keeps him. Granny keeps him 2 days a week, my friend Randi keeps him 2 days a week and I'm home on Fridays!
He started solids this month.
We only do a little bit since most of his nutrition still comes from breast milk.
He started to get on all 4s
1st road trip (besides Mississippi) & hotel stay
1st BBQ contest
He started imitating (ugh, ahhhh)
Nap time is still not the best.
Love watching him learn new things!

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