Sunday, March 27, 2011

how do you like your coffee?

Last weekend, we headed to Jackson, MS for Kyle's grandmothers (Mimi) 87th and Great-aunt Eloise's (81st) birthday party. I've talked before about his Mimi. I could write so much about her. Mimi and Aunt Eloise live in a duplex with a wall separating them.

Oh where do I begin with the Mimi stories? We arrived Friday night to Sutter Home wine and chips & dip. This is a staple at Mimi's place ever since I've known her. We've gotten her wine  for 2 years for a  Christmas present. What do you get an 87 year old?! So we're eating chips & dip, having a good time talking and Mimi made a face, like she just smelled a skunk. Kyle said "Mimi, why the gross face?" She said "I don't like the way wine tastes, I just like the way it makes me feel." We about passed out! She is a hoot!  I tell you, she still has her sense of humor!

Saturday morning, Kyle and I got up for a run. She had us cereal and coffee. We sat down for breakfast. She did not have creamer so Kyle and I dumped sugar in our coffee. I did not put as much as Kyle did in mine. Kyle took a sip and made a face like he just smelled a skunk. Then Kyle said "Angie, try this, it's horrible." So I took a sip and I said "Kyle, this tastes like salt!" So I put my finger in the sugar bowl only to confirm that she had salt in there. Mimi claimed she had no idea how the salt got in the sugar bowl!

Saturday night was the gathering. We went to Kyle's cousins house (Matt and his wife Laura). I loved the way it was decorated! I need her up here to help me! And Laura is expecting a baby in June. The nursery is SO CUTE!

Mimi's grandkiddos plus grandchildren-in-law (did I just make that word up?)
Meredith, Laura, Matt, me, Kyle, Leah

 The Southern Belles ready for the fun! Mimi and Aunt Eloise

Mimi told me that I needed to write my stories down because when I'm 87, it will help me remember them. THAT is what my Meme told me too! So I did. I have a travel journal that I started back in 2001. Now I have this blog and it has taken over as my online journal. Old people are so smart and wise. I could sit for hours and talk to them, take advice from them. So I am. Thanks to both of my Meme's/Mimi's, I hope I'll remember all these times so I can share my youngsters!  

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