Friday, March 18, 2011

the madness of march

Kyle is STILL celebrating his birthday! His parents gave him a ticket to the SEC men's basketball tournament in Atlanta. Well, his parents got the tickets for them and his mom did not want to go. So she gave her ticket to Kyle for his birthday. A perfect gift for him.

Note-I am blogging about a trip I didn't even go on! This is crazy to me. Anyway, last Thursday Kyle flew to Atlanta and met his dad and his dad's college roommate Tony. They stayed with Tony as he lives in Roswell (outside of Atlanta.) or as we like to call it "the Mancuso bed and breakfast." They watched basketball for 4 days straight. Since we have no cable, this was a perfect way for Kyle to watch all the games! HA!

When Kyle goes on guy trips, he never takes any pictures (very normal for guys to do.) He did take my our camera to St. Louis 2 years ago and the only pictures that were taken was of the baseball field. NOT ONE PICTURE of the guys! Come on boys! You have to capture the memories! Well, Kyle forgot our camera. So I told him to take a picture with his camera phone of the 3 of them. I didn't think he'd really do it.

I got a text while in church on Sunday and this picture was in my inbox! I was proud of him! This was taken right before the SEC championship game.

I feel like a reporter for a paper. Kyle and I are in the car now so I am going to ask him about his trip.
(Angie) Q: "Tell me about your trip?"
(Kyle) A: "I watched a lot of basketball, which I enjoyed. We had great weather. Ate some great food. The best deal of the weekend was when I bought a $6 cup and got free refills all weekend."

(Angie) Q: "How did you get around Atlanta?"
(Kyle) A: "The MARTA. I wish Memphis had a system like that to get around."

(Angie) Q: "What was the best part about your trip?"
(Kyle) A: "I got to hang out with my dad and Tony and spend the day with my dad on his birthday. Oh and watch a lot of basketball."

(Angie) Q: "How many games did you see?"
(Kyle) A: "11 and it was a lot of fun. I would go every year if I could."

So there is Kyle's trip via Angie reporting. 

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