Monday, December 26, 2011

famous runners

Kyle trained for the full marathon. I decided to train with him in case I decided to be crazy and run it too. In October, the Memphis Runners hosted the 2nd 10 miler of the Road Race Series. Since Kyle and I have been running races, we always see those crazy runners who finish the race, then keep on running. Why would they do that?

Me: Kyle, they just ran 10 miles WITH hills and now they are running more. Are they crazy?
Kyle: I want to be them one day.

If you can't beat them, join them!

Since we were training for a full marathon, we needed to run 14 miles the day of the 10 mile race. So after the 10 mile run, we joined the crazies and ran 4 extra miles! YAY! It was so much fun to have people looking at us like we lost our minds! We were "those" people!!! And if you've ever been to Shelby Forest, then you know we were extra crazy for running the hills. But hey, we had to get our 14 mile run in.

To reward ourselves and to make sure we did not pass out for lack of food, we ate brunch (if you want to call eating a hamburger at 10am brunch) at the General Store.

It was good! The people were very friendly.

For all you foodies, they have a steak nite on Fridays and we plan to visit soon!

I should also point out that the above picture was taken during our "extra miles." Oh it gets better. The very next week I had a friend tell me I was on the home page of the Memphis Runners Track Club website. Say what?? As of today (12/26/11) we are still on the slide show. We are the 7th picture that pops up. We were the only picture but we got moved because of updated ones but still made the cut! HA! I am easily amused by things. Can you tell? I need to start charging for my running photos. I was also on the St. Jude Marathon home page (a very tiny me) and on posters! Who knew I'd be so famous?! Again, easily amused! Autographs will be signed upon request! On a serious note, I would've never imagined Kyle would be training for a FULL marathon when we got married. You need to read his weight loss journey. It is an amazing story. And now he is training for fulls and on a running website! You go Kyle! I'm so proud of you.

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