Saturday, December 24, 2011

all the single ladies

In October, a bunch of my friends went to Nashville to celebrate Lisa's last few months as a single lady! We painted the town red!

Of course I was the one who had to make a potty break on the way.
But what a fun gas station!!

They sold boats! I pick this one!

Kristy, me, and Shelly thinks someone needs to buy this for our lake trips!

We finally got to Franklin and ate lunch at a cute little deli in the downtown area.
I really like downtown Franklin. It is so very...suburbian meets singer meets hipster meets yuppie all in rolled in one.

After visiting a shoe store, we tasted a little wine at Arrington Vineyards.

Can you see the hot air balloon on the left? That is something I want to do one day (hint hint Kyle!)

Mariana and me hitching a ride on the golf cart.

Cindy lou who!
It was a beautiful fall day. They just had a wedding as we saw the bride walking around.

Cindy, Stephanie, Kristy, me.
Right when we were leaving, they started playing music. It was so packed. I told Kyle we have to go back, bring a picnic, and enjoy the scenery.

Next up: presents at the hotel.
How cute, the bridesmaids got the movie "Bridesmaids" for a gift!

Time to paint the town!!
We ate dinner downtown but I did not like what I had so I won't tell where we went. Look how happy Lisa is!

Amanda! My fellow child life specialist friend!

About to not enjoy my meal.

I was SO happy my old flatmate Lauren showed up! I miss her!

We did some dancing and let me just say, there are some strange cats that hang out in Nashville.
See below.
He looks scary! I really wanted to see someone ride the bull but it never happened.
Since we're an older crew, we didn't stay out late. So I guess we didn't paint the town...we just did a little touch up job.  More like we painted the trim. I am so happy for Lisa that she found someone who wants to share their life with her! She is a very special person and marriage is great! I highly recommend it-but only with the right person! Congrats Lisa! Can't wait to see who the next one is!

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