Tuesday, December 13, 2011

canton flea market

THE flea market of all flea markets is the Canton Flea Market! It is held the 2nd Thursday in October and May in Canton Mississippi. In October I trucked it south to check it out. On Wednesday I stayed with Kyle's cousin Meredith. We got up bright and early on Thursday to check out the goods.

This is just one streets the market engulfs. And it looks small on here but it is so big! I should not have even posted this because it makes it look so small.

I had the best time trying out the teas.

Next time I will bring Kyle and he can be my runner. Some of the women shopped with carts. But that really got on my nerves because it is so crowed, then all the sudden, I got hammered by a lady in her big cart. If you go... bring a runner, sunglasses, and shopping bags. No cart please. Flea market foul!

My mother-in-law told me to eat a chicken on a stick. I didn't. I regret it. Next time I will!

I was in the middle of reading The Help when I went to the flea market so all these things popped in my head. I'm pretty corny and tried to imagine what it would be like in 1962 when we parked in the big backyard of an old southern home. 
This is where I pictured Skeeter living for all you Help fans.

We parked behind this house.

After the market, I visited Mimi and Aunt Eloise then drove back home only to have a rock hit my windshield and crack it. BOO!

I highly recommend going to the Canton Flea Market. And this is coming from a girl and really doesn't enjoy shopping so you know it must be good!

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