Tuesday, December 27, 2011

THE game of the century

The moment finally came! THE game of the century happened on November 5, 2011. I am not talking about the LSU vs Alabama game (Champ game round one played at the same time). I am talking about the University of Tennessee at Marin Skyhawks vs the Mississippi State University Bulldogs.

Why was this game such a big deal to me?  I married into a family that their life revolves around MSU sporting events. Kyle was brain washed to love MSU and go to school there so he did! His grandfather, mother, father, sister all went to MSU. I went to school at UT-Martin. BIG DEAL! Our schools met for a showdown! OHH YEAHHHH!!!

So in October of 2010, it was announced that MSU would play UT-Martin in football. I was a little excited to say the least. Ok-Ok, I was more than excited. I started emailing all my friends so that they could plan to come 13 months in advance! This was the 1st time these 2 teams had met.

Not all of my college friends could make it down to the game because one of our non UT-Martin friends was getting married. But some did come. I was sad to miss her wedding but was very excited about THE game I'd been looking forward to all year!

Friday night we loaded up the Tahoe and went down to Starkville. My in-laws have a game house and were very sweet to let us stay there since they could not make the game.

Wait a minute...Mariana is buying MSU swag. Trader! She did not go to UTM or MSU but decided to be a MSU fan. I forgave her.

Kyle and Mariana making tailgate food.

I was a little disappointed that Fergie totally jumped ship and was a MSU fan. She got her undergrad and masters at UTM. A true trader!  Thanks Kristy for being a true Skyhawk fan!

I've always wanted to say this: A house divided!

Our master griller Kyle. He was in a house full of women for 2 days. He gets the prize for the most patient man!

Oh wait-now I see it. Another UTM graduate is being a trader. Kristy has on a bulldog sticker?

AND she has a cowbell?! Am I the only one here that is loyal to my Alma Mater?

Shame shame girls....Kyle took them to get cowbells. Breaks my heart. How could Kyle do this to me? The fallen angels. 

Kajuanda! We work together. Since she graduated from MSU-I won't make fun of her shirt.

Look what we have here. 6 UTM ADPIs!!!
Kristy is a guidance counselor at a school in Shelby County and 3 of her graduates are in school at UTM. And they are ADPIs! We had to pose for a sorority shot. I almost didn't let Fergie in the picture since she is a trader!

We found the most school spirited student. "Pom pon" man. 

Mariana and I waiting for the DogWalk.

Up until now, this day was a big deal for me and a fun day for Kyle to see me so excited. But the day kept on getting better. You see, Shelly (in the picture below) is loyal UTM fan. It just so happens that her dad is the athletic director for UTM. Shelly called Kyle and offered him an all access pass for the game.

True Skyhawk fan Shelly and me!

All access pass?!  My husband was the MOST excited person I'd ever seen. All access means he could get on the field during the game. He wanted to be in the stadium 60 minutes before the game started so he could just stand there in awe! He was so funny. He told me he wanted to jump up and down like a 5 year old but had to contain himself. I got to go on the field with him for about 5 minutes and I am so glad I did! I got some great photo shots.

Perfect Halloween picture: I pretended to be Erin Andrews and since Kyle had on maroon pants, I called him coach Kyle Kooley (knock off of Derek Dooley's orange pants).  Look at the player on the right warming up.

Coach Kyle on the field getting the team ready for the BIG game!

He looks like he belongs there.

The real coach Dan Mullen. Kyle took my camera and went crazy with the pictures.

What a treat. He is on the field and the game is the UTM game!

I finally met up with the girls to watch some football.

GO SKYHAWKS! I am sure those girls are thrilled to be cheering at a SEC game. A bit different than the Skyhawk field back home. I know I would've been super excited since I am an old UTM pom pon girl myself!

Kyle spent the whole 1st quarter on the field. He high-fived one of the running backs after a touch down. He ran up and down the field. He was at the goal line when the guys ran out. He took full advantage of his VIP pass!

Where's Kyle? He is on the left (4th person) in his maroon pants. The picture came from the MSU football facebook page. Proof Kyle was a big-wig for a day!

Kyle called me after the 1st quarter and told me I could get in the sky box with him to see the Danes (Shelly's family). On the way up to the sky box, he told me this was the 2nd most favorite day of his life. I said "2nd to marrying me right?" He said "of course!"  Then I said "you would've never had this day if you had never met me!" He then said "yes, that is why it is the 2nd most favorite day of my life!" HA!

VIP'ing with the Danes!

Ah, the life of a VIP is hard...

The Dane sisters!

I knew the whole time that the game would be a blow out. But it is all the school spirit that makes me happy. Kyle could not thank Mr.Dane enough for letting him come and hang out with the big "dogs"!! He still talks about what a great time he had and how he probably will never get a chance to do that again.

This is what I told Kyle: "I told you I was excited about the UTM vs MSU game. I KNOW people and get things done!!" (Like I knew this would happen!! HAHA). But hey, he'll remember THE game of the century for the rest of his life! You're welcome Kyle!!

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  1. Looks like y'all had fun! VIP treatment must be nice! ha!