Saturday, December 31, 2011

food for finance: resolutions-boomer style

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Of course I think I have the cutest dogs in the world! They truly are man's woman's best friend. Boomer has always been festively plump. He's just big boned. Min Pins are supposed to weigh anywhere from 8-12 pounds. My Boomer usually weighs in around the 19 pound range. Like I said, he is big boned.

Boomer in his winter sweater. Min Pins are cold blooded and need to keep warm.

I took him for his yearly exam and he'd gained 2.5 pounds. Percentage wise, that is a lot for Boom. I was really worried because we don't feed him table food and we had not changed anything. His treats consist of carrots. The vet mentioned it could be his thyroid so I had that checked and it was not that. She then talked about prescription dog food. I said we'd start that once he finished his other light dog food.

Boomer waiting for the vet.

About 3 weeks later, I had to take Boomer in for an infection and he'd gained another 1.5 pounds! I was mortified! How could this happen under my watch? Especially when Kyle and I are healthy people!! I talked to my vet about my concerns and she said "the good news is that you are not in denial about his weight." It was hilarious! She went on to say "some dog owners don't recognize their dog's weight problems." I felt like she was saying "I'm glad you know your dog is fat...that is the 1st step to recovery!"  She gave me a good pep talk about how to get my dog to lose weight. Like I didn't know HOW to do that. I wanted to say "lady, do you know WHO you're talking to here? I am the queen of helping people lose weight. Have you met my husband?"  Then I realized, my dog is fat and I have done nothing to help him. No wonder she gave me weight loss education.

We bought the expensive dog food and started Boomer on his new life style change. He gets 1/4 c of food in the morning and 1/4 c of food at night with about 7 green beans. The vet said most dogs are over fed because the recommendations are based on dogs who are active. Most dogs lay on the couch all day and rarely exercise. In turn, they eat more food and the dog food companies make more money. So, if your dog is not walking 2 miles a day, feed them less than what the dog food bag says. It will save you money and your dog some pounds. Better yet, walk them every day!

Update: Kyle took Boomer in a week later for his check up for the infection and he'd lost 1.2 pounds! YAY!
We take him in for monthly weigh-ins. He is FOR REAL on a plan. We don't play!

Moral of this story: We learned that WE control what our dogs eat, how much exercise they get, etc. Take care of your furry kids. Don't be like us! When we got married, Boomer lost 3 pounds. We became complacent. We love our dogs and want them around for a long time!  Boomer started his resolution a couple of months early. Happy New Year!

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