Sunday, May 20, 2012

be mine

I am so far behind on blogging because, lets face it, being pregnant makes me tired!

Valentine's day fell on a Tuesday and my baby's daddy works a part time job hosting trivia Tuesday and Wednesday nights. So after trivia, he called and asked me to meet him for a watch the Mississippi State basketball game. WHAT?!

Well, since I was feeling like crud in February, I didn't mind meeting him at a bar because that meant I didn't have to get dressed up! I wasn't planning on going anywhere because all I wanted to do was lay on the couch. So I mustered up some energy and went. I didn't want my poor hubby watching the game by himself on Valentines!

Valentine's a bar. We were the only couple there! 

Later on that week, Kyle made me my annual Valentine's Day dinner.
Pesto Pizza!

 Looking good!

 I love my new camera!

It was a great meal as always!

Like every year, we made each other cards.

Kyle did amazing! He even put the positive pregnancy test on the card.

Mine was awful! I felt awful and that was my excuse! I really think that these cards should be switched! Kyle made the glitter card and I didn't?! Something is going on here!

Last year our cards revolved around money since we just paid off our last debt except the house. A year later, we both did a baby theme! Wonder what next year will be!

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