Sunday, May 20, 2012


For Kyle's dirty thirty celebration, we went out to the International Blue Challenge. We didn't get to go last year so I was excited about going again!

Some of the girls out on Beale! Cindy, Betsy, me, Mariana, Steph.

I didn't get even get a picture with the birthday boy. We ate at the Blues City Cafe then hung out at B.B. Kings for a good part of the night. Every blues bar had great blues music. It is the best of the best from around the world. Besides BBQ fest, it is Kyle's favorite event in Memphis. All you do is buy a wrist band and it gets you in all the clubs. We always say we're going to get there aorund 4 and get a good seat and stay at the same blues bar but that never happens.

Later we went to the New Daisy for the jam sessions. AWESOME!

Since I was about 7 weeks pregnant, we were out by 11. And that was a late night for me! It was great fun. Kyle had a big birthday month. More pictures to come!

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