Sunday, May 13, 2012

regift: version 2011

Back in January, we had our annual ADPi regifting party. It was great! A great way to see old college friends and get rid of bad gifts! As they say, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure!

We had it in Jackson, Tn this year so more UT-Martin ADPi's could come!

Nicole, Holly, and Jennifer (she's a Chi-O but we let her in our party!)

The Amandas!

Steph, Christy, and Shelly (honorary ADPi!)

My new camera

the gifts! 

 the game being played

sometimes there are good wine (Andrea brought it and doesn't like red wine)

 then there are the bad gifts...

then O.K. gifts

and teacher gifts...
Friends, like I always say, get your teachers supplies for their rooms!

A big pile of teacher gifts.

A pooping reindeer

Ah....Christy got the only gift that is allowed to be brought back each year...the shawl!

One must always have mustache bandaids.

I ended up with the shawl. I didn't want the gift I brought and the only non-frozen gift was the shawl. I like this picture because to the left of me, Kristy has her mustache on and to the right of me, Amanda is playing with the pooping reindeer!

I miss the college days! So glad we can come together this time of the year and share bad gifts! Can't wait till next year! Here's hoping I'll get a bad gift or two!

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  1. SO SAD I missed this one! You all must have had a great time!!