Sunday, May 27, 2012

dirty thirty

Happy birthday Kyle! Well in February...but just now getting around to blogging about it!
Kyle had a birthday month celebration. We went to his parents to celebrate, we went to the International Blues Challenge to celebrate AND since we had a bit of a crazy beginning of the year, we're celebrating with my parents tomorrow (in May). I think I would like to celebrate my birthday all year too!

I decided to decorate the house so when he got home, he'd feel super special!

The door to get in the garage.

The living room.

The dog's food bin.

And you can't forget to decorate the toilet!

The microwave. I wanted to make sure he knew he was now in my decade! I am a cougar (married a youngin') and the most I can ask for is that my young hubs is in the same decade with me!

Where we hang our keys!

Kyle had a trail of happies when he got home. I'm glad he beat me home so he could find all of his signs!

Some cupcakes!

He loved his decorations! Welcome to the 30s Kyle! Being 30 means you'll be a dad =)

Later that night, we went to grab me some tater tots (those made my belly feel much better) and we came home to this.

I left my prenatal vitamins on the coffee table and Boomer got in them. I called the vet to make sure he would be ok.

And he was. Such a bad dog. I'm such a bad mom for leaving them out. Since his "lifestyle change" Boomer tries to get all food, including pills!

My sweet girl. She would never do what he did. If I have to give her a pill, I wrap it in cheese since she hates them.

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