Sunday, August 5, 2012

babymoon, kind of

Kyle and I debated on going on a babymoon. You know, the last trip a couple will take before their whole life changes...well, I guess you can call this a babymoon. Does it count when it is with the in-laws?! ha!

We went to Orange Beach, AL with Kyle's parents for a get-a-way. It was the last weekend in April which was wonderful! Great weather!

My MIL and Kyle are the best packers. Kyle got some good packing genes! He will put those to good use when our little one gets here!

Here is the break down.
Do you see all the stuff on the right? Well, it was double that!

My MIL in action. She's pointing, telling Kyle where to put stuff. Kyle had his index finger out too. They are a pair I tell you!

They did it in record time! This needs to be an Olympic sport!

We got to the beach, went grocery shopping, relaxed, then to dinner at Cobalt.
Kyle and I at Cobalt-I was 19 weeks with sweet pea!

Kyle's parents

I was testing out my camera!

 Beach time!!!

Finally I was feeling better from the pregnancy. Kyle and I went running on the beach one morning. I felt great! I think the Fit Pregnancy magazines motivated me! (or my weight gain!)

Classic beach pose and my big legs!

My favorite thing!! I sleep on my tummy. It is really hard to do that when you're growing a baby. This float was DA BOMB! I could let sweet pea hang out in the water while I was on my belly! Win-Win!

Kyle cooked dinner 2 nights.
He boiled shrimp one night. I don't eat seafood so Kyle baked me some chicken!

Our vacation foot photo

I watched as the family played frisbee

I can get a little high maintenance at the beach. I HATE to have sand on my feet while I am laying out. I also hate to have sand on my towel. Ever since I can remember, I've kept a bucket or bottle by me and when I get on my chair, I then wash off the sand and sand lines while tanning! Now that I'm married, Kyle is my bucket man!

Do you see the sand on their chairs? That does not fly with me!

There was a sand bar very close to the beach and look what we saw! STING RAYS! Well, they were called something else but to me they looked like sting rays!

 Here is a close up. I could have swam with them if I wanted to!

Kyle's 2nd night to grill. He grilled red snapper and me some chicken!

 There is usually a mini-golf game to be played while at the beach. When I first met Kyle's parents, I won! This time was different.
Getting off to a good start.

Kyle is going strong!

I was just ok. I lost my mojo and got 2nd to last. Kyle won!


We ate our last dinner at King Neptune's-a McCoy favorite for many, many years. They have wonderful chicken strips!

I tried to get Kyle in the picture on the right.

Last night =(

 On the way out of town, we stopped at Billy's Seafood so Kyle could take some fresh, gulf seafood home with him.

Kyle was happy! Too bad he can't enjoy eating seafood with me.

At least my parents love it! He'll have fun cooking for them!

We had a very relaxing time!

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